Friday, August 19, 2011

New Homes

The dog homing is going great!  A series of emails were sent out and seem to have whipped their way around Cape Town quite effectively, even onto the Sotheby Realty's newsletter, thanks Sothebys!  Scampi (now called Koda), Zach (now called Mac) and Poochie have confirmed homes, Topsy and Doggo have been reserved and their new owners are going through the application / home check process now.  Just Cutie Pie and Muchkin to go, and Molly of course.

The pups are being de-wormed tonight, getting their first immunization injections next week and then off to their new homes on the weekend of 27-28th August, they will be 8 weeks old.  They have grown loads and have become very playful.  They love to box with each other and play 'Control the Hole' in one of Shenzi's old mine shafts in the garden.  They also love to attack shoelaces and any dangling piece of clothing, Nicky's fluffy slippers had no chance.

I will take some new pictures and upload them next week. 

Please pass the word around about the last 2 pups and Molly, she is such a gentle and sweet dog and it would be really great to see her go to a nice home.

Thanks for all the kind words of support etc.  If you feel like helping out then donations of food (quality dog food), beds, blankets, kennels etc are always welcome at African Tails.  If you are too lazy for that then just SMS 'WAG' to 48716, the sms costs R10 and helps pay for the mass sterilizations that African Tails conduct in the townsheeps.  Otherwise consider being a foster yourself.  If I can manage it I am sure you can too.


  1. Thanks for the pudate! ;)
    I enjoy reading every post. Keep up with the amazing work.

  2. Wow, so happy to hear the great news! Am holding thumbs that Molly finds herself the perfect home, where she can be treated as a pup for once and be spoilt rotten forever!