Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying the nest pt2

Pupdate... Zach / Ratty (now called Mac) is settling in nicely at his new home.   Topsy went off to his new home last night to meet his new puppy brother / sister.  Poochie (to be named Charlto) is going tomorrow afternoon.  Scampi / Koda is back being looked after while his family are away for the weekend.   I am doing a home check for Munch this afternoon with a lovely family in Newlands, who are, wait for it...  thinking about taking Molly too!  It would be wonderful if they did, what a happy ending.

Ratty sleeping after his bath, Koda hiding in the kennel with Munch.

Topsy falling asleep in the sunshine.

Keeping fingers crossed that Molly goes with Munch, would be so nice for everyone!

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