Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Army of the 7 Puppies

I took the family to the vet this morning for vaccinations and check ups, some of the pups have early signs of Mange.  Feck!  I need to get the rubber gloves out again and bath them like I bathed Smelly, once tonight and again in 5 days time.  Good news is that the mange mite is really easily treated and should be gone after the 2nd bath.  Bad news is that it is contagious.  I am not going to be very popular if it spreads.

All but one of the pups has a home but can't be homed until after their second bath, so they will be going mid next week / first weekend in September instead of the end of this week / weekend.  Munchkin is still available and Molly also needs to find a home, it would be great if she can go to another foster where there are other dogs, I worry she is going to be lonely once all the pups have gone.

In separate but hilarious news.... 2 people found my blog because they were searching for the keyword 'horny bums'.  I am sure there are plenty of places in the smutty corners of the internet where one could find a site all about horny bums (whatever a horny bum is), but even if you were in the mood for some of that action why click through to a site that's blatantly about stray dogs.  The mind boggles.  Laters.

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