Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying the nest

The 'skin mite condition' (I have been avoiding the word mange around my housemates) has been successfully treated and the pups are off to their new homes. 

Molly and the pups had a dip after our vets appointment on Tuesday night and another dip on Sunday morning.  They were not impressed with being bathed but got used to it and didnt make too much fuss.  This picture of Topsy could be on an animal welfare poster I reckon...

They were bathed late on Tuesday so Nicky came around armed with a hairdryer and had a little puppy salon going to make sure they didnt go to bed wet (bless).  It was nice and sunny on Sunday so they were bathed in the morning and put outside to dry off, they jolled so much in the dirt that they had to come back inside to be rinsed and into Nicky's pup salon again to dry, then they all fell asleep in the sun. 

Doggo, Scampi (now called Koda) and Cutie Pie (now called Stitch) went off to their new homes yesterday afternoon, leaving Zach / Ratty (now called Mac), Poochie, Topsy and Munchkin behind.  I think Mac's owners are coming to collect him this evening, Topsy is going in the next day or so and Poochie on Wednesday-ish.  No owner yet for Munch, or Molly...

Scampi (Koda)

Doggo (no new name yet, owners like Fergi, as in Sir Alex)

Cutie Pie (Stitch)

I felt a bit sorry for Molly this morning, she didn't eat her food and went into the small kennel (where the pups often hang out), which is a first.  At least the pups are going over the course of a few days, rather than her having 7 one day and none the next.  She has done a remarkable job of looking after 7 pups and never gets tired of them, even when they try to ambush her and steal her treats (usually Doggo).

I dont think it will be too hard to find a home for Munch, but please pass word about Molly, she is a very gentle dog and would be a great pet for an older person or a family with kids.  She does seem to have a bit of hip dysplasia so wouldn't be able to go running or do anything too manic.

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