Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Squeaky toy

Max got a new toy for being so brave at the vet (read that as 'Max got a new toy to ease my guilt of taking him to be neutered').  He hasn't seen a squeaky toy before and his reaction to it was quite funny.  This is the most noise I have ever heard him make...

The neutering was fine, obviously I knew his balls were going to be removed but I didnt know that they leave the ball bag.  He just runs around with an empty nutsack swinging between his legs now, and Max has a big (empty) nutsack.  The vet says it will shrink.  I hope so, its gross.

He also had some vaccinations and another mange injection, mange mites thrive on a weakened immune system so the injection was a precautionary boost rather than treatment.

In other, unrelated, news...

He met a couple of cats the other day.  One was really mean; hissing, trying to scratch him and generally being nasty.  The other cat was even more chilled than Max, just let him sniff and sniffed back.  Max isnt much of a chaser and can't be bothered with birds in the garden or hadedas in the park so I guessed he wouldn't be bothered about cats either.  This is a bit of a pity because I don't really like cats and think there is something entertaining about a classic dog vs cat chase.  Of course, I don't want the cat to get hurt or anything, but do enjoy seeing them go from being cocky and obnoxious to running like mad with a dog in hot pursuit.

Max has been doing really well on his walks and the vet thinks that the strengthening of his leg muscles has helped with his knee problem, which is great as it means he is less likely to require surgery.   

I am a long way from letting him off the lead in the park though as his concentration and attention span goes AWOL when he is out walking.  When he meets other dogs he stands still, wags his tail, and has a glazed look on his face.  A bit like Kylie from Fantastic Mr Fox...  "Give me a signal if you are there Max!"

He doesnt really know how to play with other dogs yet, but knows that he wants to play.  Here he is meeting a friendly Golden Retriever.

A lot of people have asked if I am going to keep him so here are my thoughts:

I am not a home owner and work full-time, at the moment I am working from home while building work is carried out at our office and can be here to keep Max company (and visa versa).  I am prepared to keep Max for as long as it takes to find a 5 Star, 100% perfect, permanent home.  I am not prepared to put him into another foster home, or hand him over to someone who isnt ideal, he needs company, and would really enjoy having other dogs around.  He is going to make a fantastic pet and obviously I love him but it isn't practical with my lifestyle to keep him permanently.

If you fit the bill, want to take him, or know someone who does, chat to Kelley at African Tails...  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick note...

Hillside Vet Clinic are understaffed on Friday, so Max's appointment is postponed until Monday (enjoy the last weekend with your balls Smelly!).  Because he is having his injections at the same time it means that he will not be able to attend the African Tails open day this weekend.  Just in case you wanted to go there and meet the famous creature.

Fur growing champion of Claremont

I haven't updated this blog for a couple of weeks.  So much to report. Here are the highlights: Max is...
  • Growing fur like a champion fur grower
  • Getting his balls cut off on Friday
  • A master at controlling 'Jabulani - the World Cup Football' 
  • A master at destroying 'Jabulani - the World Cup Football'
  • Not fond of bullies
  • A bit of a madam when it comes to food
  • A howler
  • A licker 

I will elaborate:
I think it is safe to say that he is a 'Mange Survivor' - his fur is growing really nicely, bit patchy in places but getting better daily.  He doesn't smell like a mangy dog anymore (hasn't for a while now) and apart from a few bits of scruffy fur closely resembles a normal dog.

Yes - his balls are coming off on Friday morning.  Poor fella... say no more.

Jabulani - the World Cup Football, which so many players said was impossible to control is no problem for Max.  His football skills are better than mine, he is a solid defender, persistent and strong tackler and has recently added headers to his repertoire.  Unfortunately he has a habit of blatant handball. 

Jabulani has gone from being the pinnacle of modern football technology and an iconic symbol of the FIFA2010 World Cup, to a slobbery dogs toy.  From Soccer City to a kennel in 9 months, how the mighty fall...

He got bullied / beaten up in Keurboom Park by a big German Shepherd and proved that you can take the dog from the street but you cant take the street from the dog.  Lets just say it resembled that Casey Heynes Australian bully youtube video (kid has enough of his bully - currently going around on social media sites).

Madam doesn't like Vets Choice and wants his Royal Canin back.  Its a war of attrition and neither he or I am backing down.  He barely eats the vets choice during the day, but will wolf it down when I put a spoonful of 'Boss' dogfood in at dinner time.  He was fine with Royal Canin. 

He howled during the night a few nights ago.  Might have been something to do with the enormous moon (closest to earth for 20 years apparently).  Thankfully it doesn't seem to be a habit. 

He licks the sweat off my legs after I have been running (gross) and is obsessed with licking my girlfriends feet (funny).

He is a great dog and I adore him... gentle, friendly, obedient, etc, all the qualities of a good dog.  He might be attending the African Tails adoption day this weekend if I can get him there and if he has recovered from his Friday ordeal.  Only 5 Star permanent homes need apply...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Max went on his first walk on Sunday evening, a whole 700m round the corner to Western Province Cricket Club.  Lots of new sights and smells.  Cars, other people, people on bikes, children, barking dogs, hadedas, etc.  I kept him on the lead as he was quite skittish and unsure of everything.  He managed to slip his collar at one point when something startled him but stopped dead in his tracks when I told him to and sat down... good boy.  We need to work on his recall quite a lot because I think if he gets distracted by other dogs he won't listen at all.

The fur is growing nicely and improves each day.  He is also getting more and more energetic (hence the walk), he has a football now which he absolutely loves chasing and kicking around.

The vet wants to wait a bit until he has completely recovered from the mange treatment before he gets vaccinated and neutered.  It will be great when I can introduce him to other dogs.  He will also be able to make star appearances at the African Tails adoption days and hopefully find a great permanent home.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Really happy to report fur growing on Max aka Smelly... it is a bit patchy on his back and flanks but growing really nicely on his legs and hind.  I am really happy with his progress.

Here he is catching some zee's in the lounge.  You can see the fur on his front legs, compare it to the first picture on day 1, his legs were completely bald.  Well done Smelly!

He is really doing well obedience and personality wise... he knows 'sit', 'stay' and 'no' which is really useful.  He is getting more and more energetic and loves playing fetch (he will bring the ball to me now and drop it when he wants to play).  He met a toddler the other day and got quite excited but at the same time very gentle which is good.  

He is settling into an eating routine instead of just hoovering it into his face, and will leave pellets when he has had enough.  (if I put a bit of tinned dog food in with the pellets he will hoover the lot).

He needs to go back to the vet again in a couple of weeks for a check-up.  He still needs to have his vaccinations, his nuts cut off, and his leg operated on.  The vet will let me know when this can be done.  

So far so good.  He is turning into a very cool dog and will make a great pet.  Good news :)