Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fur growing champion of Claremont

I haven't updated this blog for a couple of weeks.  So much to report. Here are the highlights: Max is...
  • Growing fur like a champion fur grower
  • Getting his balls cut off on Friday
  • A master at controlling 'Jabulani - the World Cup Football' 
  • A master at destroying 'Jabulani - the World Cup Football'
  • Not fond of bullies
  • A bit of a madam when it comes to food
  • A howler
  • A licker 

I will elaborate:
I think it is safe to say that he is a 'Mange Survivor' - his fur is growing really nicely, bit patchy in places but getting better daily.  He doesn't smell like a mangy dog anymore (hasn't for a while now) and apart from a few bits of scruffy fur closely resembles a normal dog.

Yes - his balls are coming off on Friday morning.  Poor fella... say no more.

Jabulani - the World Cup Football, which so many players said was impossible to control is no problem for Max.  His football skills are better than mine, he is a solid defender, persistent and strong tackler and has recently added headers to his repertoire.  Unfortunately he has a habit of blatant handball. 

Jabulani has gone from being the pinnacle of modern football technology and an iconic symbol of the FIFA2010 World Cup, to a slobbery dogs toy.  From Soccer City to a kennel in 9 months, how the mighty fall...

He got bullied / beaten up in Keurboom Park by a big German Shepherd and proved that you can take the dog from the street but you cant take the street from the dog.  Lets just say it resembled that Casey Heynes Australian bully youtube video (kid has enough of his bully - currently going around on social media sites).

Madam doesn't like Vets Choice and wants his Royal Canin back.  Its a war of attrition and neither he or I am backing down.  He barely eats the vets choice during the day, but will wolf it down when I put a spoonful of 'Boss' dogfood in at dinner time.  He was fine with Royal Canin. 

He howled during the night a few nights ago.  Might have been something to do with the enormous moon (closest to earth for 20 years apparently).  Thankfully it doesn't seem to be a habit. 

He licks the sweat off my legs after I have been running (gross) and is obsessed with licking my girlfriends feet (funny).

He is a great dog and I adore him... gentle, friendly, obedient, etc, all the qualities of a good dog.  He might be attending the African Tails adoption day this weekend if I can get him there and if he has recovered from his Friday ordeal.  Only 5 Star permanent homes need apply...


  1. Great work - keep it up & we'll have a show dog:)

  2. Your blog makes me cry and laugh all at the same time. Thank you for journaling this epic story of kindess and grace.

  3. You should have this log published at some point in the future. With much respect and admiration - "Smelly's" biggest fan!