Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Really happy to report fur growing on Max aka Smelly... it is a bit patchy on his back and flanks but growing really nicely on his legs and hind.  I am really happy with his progress.

Here he is catching some zee's in the lounge.  You can see the fur on his front legs, compare it to the first picture on day 1, his legs were completely bald.  Well done Smelly!

He is really doing well obedience and personality wise... he knows 'sit', 'stay' and 'no' which is really useful.  He is getting more and more energetic and loves playing fetch (he will bring the ball to me now and drop it when he wants to play).  He met a toddler the other day and got quite excited but at the same time very gentle which is good.  

He is settling into an eating routine instead of just hoovering it into his face, and will leave pellets when he has had enough.  (if I put a bit of tinned dog food in with the pellets he will hoover the lot).

He needs to go back to the vet again in a couple of weeks for a check-up.  He still needs to have his vaccinations, his nuts cut off, and his leg operated on.  The vet will let me know when this can be done.  

So far so good.  He is turning into a very cool dog and will make a great pet.  Good news :)

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