Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pee Protest in the Vets

Max's had his last vet appointment this morning and enjoys a 4 week break from vet visits.  Either he knew this and chose a rebellious farewell or he had complete loss of bladder control, because he managed to pee on the floor 3 times!  A little one when the pretty female vet came over to say hello (understandable), a massive one all over the waiting room floor just before his appointment, and he saved the biggest one for his departure.  This from a dog who has never peed in my house.

Here he is goofing around on the floor.. mong...

His appointment was fine, he had his last Ivermectin injection and a general check-up.  The vet is happy with his progress but keeps reminding me what a long process this is going to be.  I am to continue with the Ectomex baths for another 2 weeks (3 baths - 1 every 5 days) then give Max a break for a while and see how he gets on.  There is an improvement in his skin and even a tiny bit of new fur! (but it is very sparse and patchy). 

Behaviourally he is doing really well, he is obedient and eager to please, he understands 'sit' and sometimes 'stay'.  He is a very laid-back, quiet and relaxed dog, but also very playful when he feels like it.

It is hard to fully appreciate the improvement when I see him every day, but his African Tails fairy-god-mom is coming to visit on Saturday and she hasn't seen him since day 1 (25 Jan) so it will be interesting to hear what she thinks of him.  


  1. Cant believe the difference since I saw smelly at the vet 2 weeks ago !!!!! Amazing !!! Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see how Smelly will look like - I think he is going to be beautiful and have lots of fur!

  3. He is beautiful and will be a show stopper once he has all his fur back. You are an amazing person for loving him back to life and health!!!

  4. This is such a great story. Well done, foster dad! And Smelly, one day (when you have got as much hair as Zorro) they are going to change your name. I thinking Brad (Pitt), George (Cloony), Bruce (Willis, no, hang on he hasn't got any hair), the gorgeous lead actor in the Twilight series (name, please, someone?), ... the options are numerous. :)