Friday, February 11, 2011

F Minus 4

We are on countdown now... like the end of a Bond movie...  "F minus 4, and counting".  (F being Fur and 4 being 4 weeks).  Thats what the vet reckons after Max's appointment yesterday.  Stay tuned.

The appointment was fine, he had another Ivermectin injection and the vet is happy with the improvement in the condition of his skin, there is still a bit of smell but that has also improved and hopefully will go completely within the next 2 weeks.  Here he is permeating his smelliness throughout the house, thank goodness we don't have carpet...

The injections have side-effects, so he has spent most of the day sleeping (and not eating).  After last weeks injection he got his appetite back in the evening so I will put some chickeny treats in his dinner tonight.   He has one more injection next week and another Ectomex bath this weekend to look forward to.

He met another dog in the vet, so aside from being a welcome distraction from his impending appointment, he got a bit of much needed socialising practice with a happy little female pug.  He hasn't seen another dog for at least 2 weeks.  It will be interesting to see how he gets on in Keurboom Park when he is up to walkies.

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  1. Good job! He is already looking more like a house dog and soon the street life will be behind him :)