Sunday, January 30, 2011


I think putting Amy Winehouse through rehab would be cheaper than rehabilitating this dog... unlike Amy, if rehab doesn't work he will get put down, I said no, no, no.    In an attempt to tip the odds in our favour I have upped the ante with his nutrition.  Vets Choice dog food is out, and Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy food is in (nogal), with 7.5ml of Efazol once daily. 

Although there is no noticeable change in his physical condition he is definitely happier.  He has noticed the toys in the garden, unsurprisingly his favourite being a stinky cow hoof which he tosses up and rolls around with.  He got hold of a cardboard box today and seemed to have loads of fun ripping it to shreds (pity he can't pick up the pieces off the lawn).  He also has a tennis ball but went into some sort of canine shell shock when I threw it (probably flash back to being pelted with stones), if I kick it across the lawn he will sometimes chase it, paw at it and occasionally pick it up.  

There is no sign of any improvement in the mange but apparently I need to wait a while for the ProMeris to kick in.  My housemate is friends with a vet so I am going to try and arrange a skin scrape and general checkup, see if there are any injections or anything else we can do etc.  It will be great when he starts to get a new coat of healthy fur, partly because he will no longer look like a zombie and partly because I will be able to give him a bath.  The name 'Smelly' remains for now...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing Nameless...

Here he is... as yet unnamed German Shepherd X, rescued from Eersterivier on 25 January 2011 by African Tails. Not really sure how old he is... he has adult teeth which are clean and in good shape, guess that puts him somewhere between 7 and 18 months.  He weighs 19kg.

He is suffering from Demodectic Mange, an injured leg, and other issues associated with being a stray like malnutrition and the psychological effects of abuse.  The leg injury is likely from the beatings he was getting in Eesterivier, kids were also throwing stones at him, fortunately the leg doesn't seem to be causing pain.  He has been given ProMeris Duo for treatment of the Mange and a Capstar to get rid of the many fleas that were all over him on arrival.  When he has regained some strength he will go to the vet for treatment on the injured leg and also to be neutered.

African Tails gave him to me on the afternoon of the 25th, I am looking after him temporarily until he is better and can be homed.  I have had him for 3 days now, he is.. ok (ish).  He definitely seems happier than on his first day, I think he knows he is in a safe place now.  I spent a while trying to coax him into a kennel so he had his own space.  Turns out the best way was to just throw a load of dog biscuits in the back corners and leave him to it.  He loves it in there now.


I am going to try and keep this blog updated once or twice a week and always include pictures.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to look back and see progress, and in a few months it will be hard to believe that its the same dog.

I haven't named him yet because I want him to get a bit better first, then give him a name that fits.  At the moment 'Smelly' is the obvious choice.

Just another Stray...

The title says it all really... over the next few weeks and who knows, maybe months, I am going to document the transformation of a stray dog.  From ugly (lets be honest), smelly (believe me), mangy, unwanted, abused, terrified and malnourished...  to...  healthy, confident, obedient and in a happy home.

Its like Extreme Makeover for Dogs...  Without that annoying Trey guy.

Don't expect a literary masterpiece, just hope for a happy ending.