Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smelly's girlfriend

It was love at first sight for Smelly, as this big beauty arrived this afternoon. She was picked up by African Tails yesterday running around in Panorama. She is in good condition, a bit skinny and skittish, but really healthy looking and clearly used to belong to someone (unlike Max who is definately a street special).  She had no micro-chip or collar (the one in the picture is new) but is good on a lead and will sit on command.  Hopefully she can be reunited with her owners, otherwise she can stay here for a bit and keep Smells company in the garden.

Max thinks it is Christmas and after some serious bum sniffing and chasing round the garden even tried to get some action.   Horny little bugger.

And now I have two.... anyone want a dog!?


1 comment:

  1. rad story dude. nice one.
    just read the whole thing (so far) and am loving it. amazing to see how he has improved so much.
    we had a similar experience with one of our dogs.
    rah rah