Monday, April 18, 2011

Smelly's girlfriend Part Two

Smelly's big girlfriend has moved on.  She was taken in by a family in the Strand.  As much as he enjoyed a bit of canine companionship I think he is happy to get his kennel back and some peace and quiet. He was completely covered in gob, slobber and mud from all their romping around in the garden, so after a bath got his indoor-rights back too, back to sleeping in the sun on the living room carpet (spoilt brat).

The time has come for him to move on too.  African Tails have put his picture on their website and newsletter, unsurprisingly someone is interested in taking him already.  It is going to be very tough to hand him over when the time comes...


  1. Oh, I really hope that he goes to a home that is half as good as the one you've given him! Lisa

  2. What's the handsome boy up to lately? Is he still with you?